• Examinations and Vaccinations
  • Medical Consultations and Care
  • Nutritional Consultations and Prescription Diets
  • Microchip Implantation
  • Spay, Neuter and other Surgeries
  • Dentistry
  • Heartworm Testing and Prevention
  • External Parasite Control (fleas, ticks, lice etc)
  • Internal Parasite Control (roundworms, tapeworms, etc)
  • In-house Diagnostics (blood chemistry and complete blood count, urinalysis, fecal exams, skin scrapings)
  • Digital Radiography (X-Ray)
  • Boarding
  • Grooming (coming soon)
  • Euthanasia and After Care (cremation)
  • Referrals to specialists/emergency clinics when required
  • House Calls and Mobile Service Available


New Patients and Walk-ins Welcome

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